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My name is Alexandria, and I am a licensed Naturopathic Physician practicing in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. My office is shared with a close friend and colleague, Dr. Sean Jackson ND, and together we have affectionately named our space “Nook”. With Nook, we strive to make a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable atmosphere so our patients can feel at ease while diving into all matters of health. I utilize a holistic approach to medicine to uncover the root cause of illness while using the least invasive treatment required for each case. My practice is general, meaning I enjoy seeing patients from all walks of life and providing support throughout a person’s lifespan. Appointment types often consist of an annual physical exam with routine lab work to monitor health while addressing specific concerns as they come up.

A few common conditions I see in my practice.

Digestive Health

Insomnia/Chronic Fatigue

Fitness and Sports Medicine

Immune Support

Stress Management

Hormonal Balance

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